Seminar on Matrix Groups

Lecturer: Dr. Makiko Mase (University Mannheim, Chair for Algebraic Geometry)

The seminar will be held in english. It will follow the book:

  • Morton L. Curtis: Matrix Groups. 2nd edition, Springer 1984

The theory of matrix groups is a beautiful branch of mathematics. It has important applications in geometry, algebra and topology. The book above is ideal for a seminar. The material can be taken for seminar talks as it is. The book introduces important concepts in matrix groups. There are notions, theorems, exercises and examples.

The seminar will take place in the HWS 2020 as a block seminar and by Zoom sessions. The sessions are planned to be on some Saturdays, 24.10.2020, 07.11.2020, ... . The number of days needed will depend on the number of talks. Here is a pdf file with more information on the planning of the seminar.

The seminar requires a general good mathematical understanding, but has little concrete prerequisites. It is suitable for all students in the bachelor or master Mathematics in Business and Economics and all students in the bachelor or master Education Mathematics.

If you are interested in a talk, please contact Dr. Mase until 02.10.2020 (but the earlier, the better).