Block Seminar Linear Algebra in Search Engines (HWS 2018/19)

Lecturer: Dr. Makiko Mase (Tokyo Metropolitan University / University Mannheim)

The seminar aims at students in the bachelor Mathematics in Business and Economics and in the bachelor Education Mathematics,
but it is also open for master students in these areas.



Friday, 07.09.2018, all day, and Friday, 14.09.2018, all day. Room: B6, 26, A302

Here all day means four talks of 90 minutes, probably 8:30–10:00, 10:15–11:45, 12:45–14:15, 14:30–16:00.

The talks can be held alone or shared by up to two people. Therefore the number of participating students should be between 8 and 16.

Here is a pdf file with more details on the talks.



  • A.N. Langville, C.D. Meyer: Google's PageRank and beyond. The science of search engine rankings. Princeton University Press, 2006.

The seminar talks will report on the central chapters 4–11 in this book, with mathematical insertions from the collection of mathematics in chapter 15.
The main tools are linear algebra and (some modest part of the theory of) Markov chains.