Master's Thesis

Regardless of which chair is supervising your thesis, you are generally required to demonstrate specialized knowledge and a certain set of skills in order to successfully complete your master's thesis at a given chair.

The following table lists each chair’s requirements for writing a master’s thesis at that chair:


Please note that if the individual requirements are not explicitly marked with ”or/oder“, all the requirements listed must be fulfilled.

You can find a list of all chairs at the School of Business Informatics and Mathematics here.

For the Data & Web Science Group, you can find relevant information here.

What to do if you cannot find a supervisor for your master’s thesis

If, despite careful planning and communication with several chairs, you are unable to find a supervisor for your thesis, please follow the procedure below. Please note that this procedure is not possible for Area IS chairs.

You are considered unable to find supervision if you have received at least three refusals from different chairs where you have applied for your master thesis.

  • Log in to Portal² to find the course „Anmeldung Master­arbeit“ (”Registration Master Thesis“)
  • Here you can apply for a thesis at the chairs whose minimum requirements you fulfill (see table). Please note that you must select at least three chairs. To start your thesis on 1 February, you have to apply in the period between 1 November and 15 November. To start on 1 August, you have to apply from 1 May to 15 May.
  • An assignment is also possible at chairs not included in your selection list, provided you fulfill their requirements.
  • You will get a place at a chair in December or in June. The chair will offer you a topic for your thesis, although this does not mean that you will automatically be accepted. You must first go through the normal process determined by the respective chair, which could for instance include writing an exposé.
  • If the chair decides to give you the assignment, you have to contact the chair within two weeks to confirm the assignment.
  • You are required to start your thesis at the beginning of the following semester. The mandatory starting date for the preparation period for your thesis is 1 February or 1 August, respectively.