Recent Trends in Stochastic Analysis and Related Topics

The workshop was a satellite workshop to the annual meeting of the German mathematical society (DMV) held in Hamburg. For information concerning the DMV meeting please check the old website


  • Speakers and titles

    • Frank Aurzada (Darmstadt): “Persistence Probabilities”
    • Volker Betz (Darmstadt): “Metastable dynamics of non-reversible perturbed Markov chains” 
    • Anton Bovier (Bonn): “Scaling limits in adaptive dynamics”
    • Andrej Depperschmidt (Freiburg): “Random walks in dynamic random environments and ancestry under local population regulation”
    • Hanna Döring (Osnabrück): “Connection times in large ad-hoc networks”
    • Peter Eichelsbacher (Bochum): “Malliavin-Stein method for Variance-Gamma approximation on Wiener space”
    • Markus Heydenreich (München): “Spontaneous symmetry breaking and the formation of crystals”
    • Benedikt Jahnel (Berlin): “Classes of nonergodic interacting particle systems with unique invariant measure”
    • Antti Knowles (Zurich): “Eigenvalue distribution of random regular graphs”
    • Jason Miller (Cambridge): “Liouville quantum gravity and the Brownian map”
    • Peter Mörters (Bath): “The contact process on evolving scale-free networks”
    • Markus Reiss (Berlin): “A remark on the rates of convergence for integrated volatility estimation in the presence of jumps”
    • Sebastian Riedel (Berlin): “Invariant measures for rough differential equations”
    • Perla Sousi (Cambridge): “Mixing, hitting and intersection times for Markov chains”
    • Vitali Wachtel (Augsburg): “Invariance principles for random walks in cones”
    • Anita Winter (Duisburg-Essen): “Evolving phylogenies of trait-dependent branching with mutation and competition”
  • Program

     Sunday Monday
    11.45–12.20Eichelsbacher coffee break
     lunch break11.15–11.50Reiss
    14.55–15.30Bovier lunch break
     coffee break15.05–15.40Miller

    DMV Conference


  • Practical Information

    Date: 20–21 September 2015

    Venue: University Hamburg, Lecture Hall C (Erwin-Panofsky-Hörsaal)

  • Lunch

    A reservation has been made for the restaurant cantinetta (link) for Sunday evening, 19.30.

  • Organizers

    Leif Döring (Mannheim), Alex Drewitz (Köln)

  • Support

    The workshop was supported by the research training group “Statistical modeling of complex systems and processes”.