Sonderforschungs­bereich SFB 884 erfolgreich verlängert

The collaborative research center SFB 884 on the „Political Economy of Reforms“ has been successfully renewed for a third phase (2018–2021).

The SFB 884 aims at gaining novel insights into the causes and consequences of the success and failure of reforms from a quantitative perspective. To this end, the SFB has established an interdisciplinary research program, bringing together more than 50 senior and junior researchers from different disciplines and institutes across our university.

From our faculty, Simone Ponzetto and Heiner Stuckenschmidt will collaborate with colleagues at the faculty of economics and political science on two different projects. Project B6 (with Carsten Trenkler) will look at ways to analyse network dynamics using graph-based document models of text, whereas Project C4 (with Thomas Gschwend) will continue to develop new models of spatial placement from text for non-standard actors involved in reform-making processes.

These collaborations are part of an ongoing larger effort from members of our faculty to bring expertise from the fields of artificial intelligence and natural language processing to support cutting-edge research in political and computational social science.

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