Neu an der Fakultät: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Philipp Kellmeyer

Die Fakultät für Wirtschafts­informatik und Wirtschafts­mathematik freut sich, Prof. Dr. Philipp Kellmeyer willkommen heißen zu dürfen. Untenstehend finden Sie Informationen zu Prof. Kellmeyers Forschungs­themen sowie seinem Lehr­angebot.


The convergence of AI with other technologies, such as remote sensing and robotics, offers unprecedented opportunities for digital health innovation. An important challenge in this area is translating these innovations into impactful digital health technologies that help improve well-being and health safely and precisely.

In his research, Prof. Kellmeyer – a neurologist and neuroscientist by training – takes a participatory and partaking-oriented approach to investigating the needs and priorities of users of digital health technologies. The aim is to align innovation in this area with human needs and values and ensure the responsible development of digital health technologies.

Research interests

  • Human-technology interaction
  • Responsible AI
  • AI for digital health
  • AI-based neuro­technologies
  • Social robotics and human-robot interaction
  • Participatory and partaking-oriented research 


Winter term 2023

  • Lecture: Responsible AI: Conceptual Foundations, Methods and Applications

Spring term 2024

  • Lecture: Foundations and Applications of Digital Health Technologies
  • Excercise: Co-creating Digital Health Applications with Design Methodology