Photo credit: David Proemel
Prof. David Prömel accepted into the Baden-Württemberg Foundation's elite program
We congratulate Prof. David Prömel on being accepted into the elite program of the Baden-Württemberg Foundation and on promoting his project “Robust Stochastic Filtering in Mathematical Finance”. The project has a duration of 3 years and is funded with 140,000 euros.
Photo credit: Martin Slowik
New at the faculty: Prof. Dr. Martin Slowik
The Faculty of Business Informatics and Business Mathematics is pleased to welcome Prof. Dr. Martin Slowik as a junior professor for stochastics. Below you will find information on Prof. Slowik's research topics and his range of courses.
Photo credit: Anna Logue
1.5 Mio Funding from VW Foundation for work on social impact of AI
The VW Foundation is funding a joint project „CAIUS: Consequences of AI for Urban Societies“ of the Chair of Artificial Intelligence (Prof. Stuckenschmidt) and the Chair for Statistics and Methodology (Prof. Kreuter) in cooperation with Prof. Eckert from HdM Stuttgart with 1.5 Mio Euro over the next ...
Photo credit: Unknown
Research on social impacts of artificial intelligence funded with 850,000 euros
As part of a new research program for the common good-oriented handling of artificial intelligence (AI) three projects of the University of Mannheim are funded by the Baden-Württemberg Foundation.
Prof. Goran Glavaš receives EU funding for interdisciplinary research project
We congratulate Prof. Goran Glavaš for getting funding for his research project “Willingness and Capacity for EU Policy Action in Turbulent Times: Conflicts, Positions and Outcomes” within the EU research program “NORFACE Democratic Governance in a Turbulent Age”. The project has a duration of 3 ...
New at the school: Prof. Dr. Han van der Aa
The School of Business Informatics and Business Mathematics is pleased to welcome Prof. Dr. Han van der Aa as a new member -- as junior professor for methods of artificial intelligence.
Professor Christian Bizer wins SWSA Ten-Year Award
The SWSA Ten-Year Award recognizes the highest impact papers from the ISWC proceedings ten years prior.