Bachelor’s programs

Our bachelor’s programs impart fundamental methodological expertise and application knowledge to students in the fields of business administration, economics, mathematics, and informatics. Our goal is especially to teach students competences in related fields in order to prepare them for future positions in companies, where they will be able to offer the skills needed for business applications as well as their technical implementation. After obtaining their bachelor’s degree, graduates can either start their professional career or continue their studies at master’s level.

Nowadays, no business transaction can be concluded without large amounts of data and information being involved. Using computer software to handle these data efficiently and having a machine perform the task autonomously is fascinating to me. The program stands out from others because it equips you with skills that have a diverse scope of application. This variety makes for an exciting study experience.

Philipp Ulm, bachelor's student Business Informatics / Credit: Leonie Kopetzki
Tim Staab hat braune Haare und trägt ein hellblaues Hemd.

The bachelor’s program in Mathematics in Business and Economics at the University of Mannheim is characterized by its large selection of specializations and its sound teaching. It allows you to tailor the program to your interests and, at the same time, benefit from the university’s excellent reputation worldwide. What is special about the University of Mannheim are the many opportunities to get involved, for example in a departmental student committee, one of the over 50 student organizations, or a political student group. The variety of activities on offer greatly enhances your study experience.

Tim Staab, bachelor’s student of Mathematics in Business and Economics / Credit: Anna-Lena Heins
Ein Porträt von Sophia Bienroth. Sie lächelt, trägt ein blaues Top und hat blondes, schulterlanges Haar.

What I like most about the teacher education program in Mathematics at the University of Mannheim is its close cooperation with schools. It allows me to gain first-hand experience and to apply the theoretical knowledge I acquire at university. It is also extremely easy to get to university due to its central location, which is another clear advantage.

Sophia Bienroth, bachelor’s student of Teacher Education: Mathematics / Credit: Ye Fung Tchen

Our teacher education programs

In addition to our bachelor’s programs, you can also enroll in a teacher education program, at the end of which you are conferred a Bachelor of Education degree.

Our Master’s programs

Our master’s programs enhance the competences and methodical knowledge acquired at bachelor’s level and allow students to focus on a specific field of application in an area of specialization of their choice. Students can either take up their master’s studies as a consecutive program (right after they complete their bachelor’s degree) or after they have already spent some time working in the profession. The programs are also open to graduates of other, related bachelor’s programs. After completing their master’s degree, students can either start their professional career, or apply to pursue a doctorate in a doctoral program or with one of the chairs.

Ein Porträtfoto von Arnold Pernoca. Er trägt kurze, braune Haare, eine schwarze Brille und einen grauen Pullover.

Studying Business Informatics at the University of Mannheim is a unique experience, especially since there is an entire school dedicated just to business informatics and mathematics. The broad range of courses offered in English demonstrates the university’s international orientation. And if you study in Mannheim, you will also have classes in a baroque palace, something few other universities have. Being a master’s student here therefore fills me with a lot of pride.

Arnold Pernoca, master's student of Business Informatics / Credit: Ye Fung Tchen
Sebastian Tiemann hat blonde kurze Haare. Er trägt eine blau-weiß-gestreifte Krawatte, ein weißes Hemd und einen dunklen Blazer.

I started studying Mathematics in Business and Economics in 2014 and have become more and more intrigued with the program ever since. Thanks to the department’s relatively small size, our professors are extremely accessible. Whether you want to discuss their lectures or the supervision of your final thesis – it is easy to get in touch with them inside and outside the lecture period. Students of the master’s program in Mannheim can also choose quite freely from a variety of lectures that allow you to specialize in your preferred field.

Sebastian Tiemann, master's student of Mathematics in Business and Economics / Credit: Ye Fung Tchen
Ein Porträtfoto von Rohit Gupta. Er lächelt, trägt schwarze, kurze Haare und eine dunkelblaue Sweatshirtjacke.

The Mannheim Master in Data Science encourages people with a background outside of computer science like me to get a foothold into the new profession of Data Science. The program is very innovative and offers a combination of courses in statistics, math, data management and data analytics. The professors are doing exciting research and I got great insight through my research position. This allows you to continue learning outside of the classroom.

Rohit Gupta, Mannheim Master in Data Science / Credit: Leonie Kopetzki

Our teacher education programs

In addition to our master’s programs, you can also enroll in a teacher education program, at the end of which you are conferred a Master of Education degree.