Internships and Jobs

Dear Students of our School,

By completing an internship or taking on a job during your studies, you will gain invaluable first-hand experience as well as an insight into the different fields within the profession. To support you in finding a suitable job, placement or internship, we have listed the various offers provided by the school and the university below.

Internship and Job Board of the School

The dean's office of the school regularly lists available internships, traineeships and training programs, student jobs, and job vacancies abroad that are particularly suitable for students of Business Informatics and Mathematics in Business and Economics.

Job Mailing Lists of the Departmental Student Committee

Our departmental student committee (FIM) runs several mailing lists for various purposes and target groups. All mailing lists are moderated so that e-mails will only go out if they fit the intended purpose.

AStA Online Job Board

The student body representatives of the University of Mannheim provide a portal where you can find placement and internship offers, cooperation possibilities for your final thesis, as well as job advertisements.

STADS Mannheim e.V.

STADS is a student organization of the University of Mannheim which was founded in 2017. Over 50 members contribute to the association in the areas of competence, competition and consulting.