Support in pursuing your degree and starting and planning your career

“What should I do?“
“Where should I go after completing my studies?“
“How can I plan my career effectively?“

Most students do not ask themselves these questions until shortly before they graduate. And yet, the sooner you think about these things, the better.

ABSOLVENTUM MANNHEIM, the cross-school alumni network of the University of Mannheim, offers a mentoring program providing support and advice. It is especially interesting for students of Business Informatics and Mathematics in Business and Economics. The mentoring program couples students with mentors from the fields of nonprofit organizations, culture, science, administration as well as business. These mentors assist students for at least one year and help them with all their questions on how to master their studies and start and plan their careers.

Being part of the mentoring program has a number of advantages, for example:

  • You can exchange experiences with and get advice from professionals who have already embarked on their career.
  • You can improve your social and communication skills through purposeful exchange.
  • Your mentors can help you organize your studies and professional life and improve your time management.
  • Together with your mentor, you can identify your long-term professional goals and set appropriate short-term goals.
  • The mentoring program offers you the chance to get in touch with potential employers for internship and job opportunities and to be introduced to networks.

For further information on the mentoring program, please click here.