Courses and Registration

  • Course Selection

    In the fields of Data Science, Business Informatics and Mathematics in Business and Economics, our school offers a wide range of courses taught in English. You can thus complete an exchange program at the University of Mannheim without prior German language skills. Good to know: undergraduate students are allowed to take graduate’s level courses at the School of Business Informatics and Mathematics. Partially, there are no requirements for participation in a Master’s course.

    If you're looking for extensive course details, prerequisites, workload etc. please have a look at our module catalogs. Access hereAcademics --> Organizing your Studies -- > Select your Study degree --> Module Catalog.

    You may not only take courses at our school, but also courses offered by other schools. These are called university-wide electives. If you would like to take courses that are offered outside our school, please select them from courses offered under university-wide electives. However, please keep in mind that you have to select the majority of courses from those courses offered by our school (50%-rule).

    Before coming to Mannheim, you can also ask the exchange coordinator at your home institution whether you will get ECTS credits for the language courses offered at the University of Mannheim.

    Information for exchange students participating in the European ERASMUS program: I am your contact person in case you need a signature of the “responsible person in the receiving institution” on your Learning Agreement.

  • Course Registration

    The registration period differs for courses with limited and open capacity.

    For courses with limited capacity, you can register from 16 August to 6 September 2021 directly in the corresponding module on Portal 2. This only applies to a few courses from M.Sc. Business Informatics and M.Sc. Data Science.  You may deregister at any time during the semester. Please note that we cannot guarantee spots for limited courses:

    - IE 500 Data Mining

    - IE 683 Web Data Integration Project

    - CS 450 Programming Course

    - CS 605 GPU Programming

    - IE 650 Semantic Web Technologies (NEW)

    You do not have to register for courses with open capacity. For all the other courses ( = open capacity), please attend the first lecture and join the ILIAS-group, if stated in the Portal (see Parallel groups) . This procedure differs with courses. Not every course instructor uses ILIAS, so you will be told in the first lesson what to do. However, you will be admitted and may deregister at any time.

    Please also read the details for your study degree on the Information for the Start of Semester. For seminars and Team Projects please follow the respective notes on the websites. Also keep in mind that courses offered by other departments require a different registration procedure. You can contact my colleagues from other departments here.

    A manual for course registrations can be found in Portal2 > User Manuals > For Students.

  • Exam Registration

    Usually, written exams take place at the end of the semester, during the examination period. After a couple of weeks the registration period starts. Please note that you have to register for all kind of examinations, such as assignments, oral presentations, mid-terms etc. Don't worry, you will receive all the relevant information you need before the exam registration period starts via email. General information on exam registration can be found here.

The web pages of the International Office provide further information on the wide variety of academic courses, the numerous courses on German language and culture as well as the programs of the Summer and Winter Academies.


Juliane Roth, M.A.

Juliane Roth, M.A.

Departmental Exchange Coordinator
University of Mannheim
School of Business Informatics and Mathematics
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Phone: +49 621 181–2340
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