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Personalized marketing, online shopping, industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, or the weather forecast – all these are relevant topics of our time and of the future. This is why our degree programs place an especially strong focus on practice and research, and give students the opportunity to thoroughly examine and discuss current developments in these areas. At our school, students can choose to pursue their studies in Business Informatics (bachelor's and master’s level), Mathematics in Business and Economics (bachelor’s and master’s level), or Data Science (only master’s level).

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Nowadays, no business transaction can be concluded without large amounts of data and information being involved. Using computer software to handle these data efficiently and having a machine perform the task autonomously is fascinating to me. The program stands out from others because it equips you with skills that have a diverse scope of application. This variety makes for an exciting study experience.

Philipp Ulm, student of B.Sc. Business Informatics / Photo credit: Leonie Kopetzki

The reason why I like Mathematics in Business and Economics so much is that you need both a general mathematical understanding and the ability to think like a businessperson. With these skills, excellent career prospects are guaranteed. The University of Mannheim also provides you with the opportunity to pursue your interests outside of the classroom by joining one of the many student organizations.

Niklas Sabel, student of B.Sc. Mathematics in Business and Economics / Photo credit: Leonie Kopetzki

Apart from its excellent reputation, it was the international focus of the University of Mannheim that convinced me to study here and to spend a semester abroad in Taiwan. During my studies, I especially appreciated our freedom to choose from such a wide variety of subjects. That way, I was able to focus on the areas I liked best. As I enjoyed my studies so much and was extremely satisfied with how well my master's thesis was supervised, I am now pursuing a doctorate in Business Informatics. For me, the University of Mannheim is special because it gives students the freedom to unlock their full potential.

Jovita Lukasik, graduate of M.Sc. Mathematics in Business and Economics / Photo credit: Emilie Orgler

I have been studying Mathematics in Business and Economics at the University of Mannheim since 2015. Our school is relatively small, which has the advantage that students and professors can communicate at a fairly personal level. This has enabled me to gain insight into teaching and research, and to work as a tutor and as a student research assistant. Many of our chairs are well connected with people from business and industry, and are always happy to refer us. The university also offers a wide-ranging, free sports program, which for me is a welcome change from my daily classes.

Sara Klein, student of M.Sc. Mathematics in Business and Economics / Photo credit: Emilie Orgler

The Mannheim Master in Data Science encourages people with a background outside of computer science like me to get a foothold into the new profession of Data Science. The program is very innovative and offers a combination of courses in statistics, math, data management and data analytics. The professors are doing exciting research and I got great insight through my research position. This allows you to continue learning outside of the classroom.

Rohit Gupta, student of the Mannheim Master in Data Science / Photo credit: Leonie Kopetzki

What I like most about the teacher education program in Mathematics at the University of Mannheim is its close cooperation with schools. It allows me to gain first-hand experience and to apply the theoretical knowledge I acquire at university. It is also extremely easy to get to university due to its central location, which is another clear advantage.

Sophia Bienroth, bachelor’s student of Teacher Education: Mathematics / Photo credit: Ye Fung Tchen


Elena Boldin, Dipl.-Soz.Wiss.

Elena Boldin, Dipl.-Soz.Wiss.

Program Manager Teacher Education Informatics and Mathematics, B.Sc. and M.Sc. Business Informatics
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Lisa Wessa, M.A.

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