School Board

The school board is the management unit of the School of Business Informatics and Mathematics. It is headed by the dean, who is assisted by three vice deans and the dean for student affairs. The vice deans and the dean for student affairs are professors at the school.

The school board is primarily responsible for planning the strategic development of the school, and for implementing this strategy upon agreement with the President's Office and the representative bodies of the school and the university.

The dean’s office supports the school board in implementing its strategic goals at an operative level.


Prof. Dr. Claus Hertling

Vice Dean

Prof. Dr. Leif Döring

Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Prof. Dr. Simone Ponzetto


Associate Dean

Prof. Dr. Frederik Armknecht, Director of the Institute of Computer Science and Business Informatics

Associate Dean

Prof. Dr. Simone Göttlich, Director of the Institute of Mathematics