New at the School: Prof. Dr. Mathias Staudigl

The School of Business Informatics and Business Mathematics is pleased to welcome Prof. Dr. Mathias Staudigl as a new member – as professor for Mathematical Optimization. Below you will find information about Prof. Stuadigl's research topics and his teaching program.

Mankind strives to make optimal decisions given the available information. The mathematics behind this basic decision problem is mathematical optimization (aka mathematical programming). My research is devoted to foundational topics in mathematical optimization, covering both theoretical analysis and numerical implementations.  In particular, me and my group, develop methods for large-scale optimization problems in deterministic and random environments.

Besides fundamental research, my research is heavily motivated by solving concrete societal questions. The chair is actively involved in research projects on the optimization of energy systems, and the computational challenges in medical imaging. 

Research topics: 

·      Mathematical Optimization 

·      Numerical Optimization 

·      Mathematical game theory 

·      Interconnections between dynamical systems and continuous optimization 


·      Optimization in Energy Systems

·      Inverse Problems in Medical Imaging


·      Linear Programming

·      Convex Optimization  – Theory and Algorithms 

·      Non-linear Programming