Welcome First-year Students!

Dear first-year students,

we are very pleased to welcome you to the School of Business Informatics and Mathematics at the University of Mannheim.
In the current spring/summer semester 2021, our study programs were again in very high demand.
For the M.Sc. in Business Informatics, for example, there were 339 applications for 30 places, for the Mannheim M.Sc. in Data Science even 720 applications for 10 places. For the M.Sc. in Math, there were 22 applications for 9 places, and for the M.Sc. in Business Mathematics, 29 applications for 7 places.

We would therefore like to warmly congratulate you on your successful application process and of course on your place at our faculty.

If you have any questions about the course, our course managers are at your disposal at any time.
You can also find more information for first-year students on the following page:

The entire WIM faculty wishes you the very best and every success for your studies.