Bachelor's Program in Business Informatics

Learning Agreements“

  • What is a Learning Agreement, and which forms of recognition are possible for courses they are concluded for?

    Learning Agreements“ can be regarded as a sort of insurance that the courses you choose to attend at your higher education institution abroad will be recognized by your home university upon return.

    Generally, there are two ways of recognizing coursework and examinations you complete abroad:

    • direct recognition as an equivalent course
    • indirect recognition as an “International Course”

    Direct recognition

    For a course to be directly recognized, it has to be considered equivalent to a course from the module catalog of your program in terms of the skills you acquire in that course. If you can identify a course at your host university that is largely identical (> 66 % conformance) to a course you can or must complete here, you can include it in your Learning Agreement for direct recognition. The course you complete abroad will then substitute the course taught in Mannheim. To discuss whether a particular course can be directly recognized, please contact the chair offering the module at the University of Mannheim.

    Indirect recognition

    If the Mannheim module catalog contains no direct equivalent to the course you wish to complete at your host university, but the module contents fit a particular area of specialization, it may be recognized indirectly as a BI401 International Course. Bear in mind, however, that the sum of credit points awarded for these courses must not exceed 12 ECTS credits in total.

    To discuss whether indirect recognition is possible for a particular course, please contact the chair responsible for this area of specialization.

    Calculation of ECTS credits in cases of indirect recognition

    The examination committee determines how many ECTS credits you will receive for a BI401 International Course. The number of credits awarded is calculated by converting the credits of the host university. Through the conversion, you might obtain more or fewer than 6 ECTS credits for a particular course. Please bear in mind that we can only recognize a maximum of 12 ECTS credits for International Courses in your bachelor's degree. Higher education institutions in Europe will usually award you ECTS credits or credit points similar to the ECTS system.

    Should I choose courses for direct recognition or courses for indirect recognition?

    As the number of courses subject to direct recognition is generally unlimited, unlike International Courses, you should choose such courses wherever possible. Courses that are directly recognized also bear the advantage that the credits obtained in these courses do not have to be converted.

  • What do I need to do in order to conclude a Learning Agreement and to obtain my credits?

    Once we have sent you your letter of acceptance for a partner university (or, if you are a free mover, once you have received your letter directly from the host university), you should start filling out your Learning Agreement. We strongly advise you to conclude your agreement before you go abroad. That way, you are on the safe side and already know beforehand which courses will be recognized for your studies at home.

    The Learning Agreement consists of two forms:

    For the recognition of your courses and credits, you need to follow two steps:

    1. After it has been decided which higher education institution you will be going to, but before departing, you need to take one Learning Agreement form for each module you intend to study abroad to the chair responsible in order to have the module approved. For courses offered at the School of Humanities, in Mathematics in Business and Economics, at the Business School, or the Department of Economics, please contact:

    2. After your return to Mannheim, please submit the following four documents to the examination committee responsible for you in order to have your grades and credits recognized and converted:   

    Your documents will then be checked and your grades converted. Grades obtained abroad are converted by the University of Mannheim using these conversion tables.

    Please note that all documents must be submitted in their original form.

    Due to the ongoing Corona situation, you can submit your application via your university email address. Please send your documents to To verify your transcript, please ask your host university to send your transcript directly to the University of Mannheim (

  • Which forms do I need to fill out in order to conclude a Learning Agreement?