Bachelor's Program in Business Informatics

Extension of deadlines

  • In which cases can I request a deadline extension?

    Upon request, the examination committee may decide to extend certain deadlines, provided there is a valid reason why you are unable to meet the deadline in question. This might include:

    • the preparation period for your final thesis
    • the limit to the maximum period of study

    As a rule, extensions will only be granted if you cannot be held accountable for missing the deadline in question. Valid reasons for missing a deadline might include:

    • a long period of illness
    • a permanent disability
    • family obligations

    For further details, please see the examination regulations for the bachelor’s program in Business Informatics.

  • How can I request a deadline extension?

    Extension requests must be made to the examination committee in writing. Please make sure to indicate your address, student ID number and e-mail address in case we need to contact you for follow-up questions. We also ask you to state the semester in which you started your master’s program so that we know straight away which examination regulations apply to you.

    The examination regulations stipulate that students need to resit any examinations they fail or did not take due to illness at the earliest opportunity. If this is the case, you will automatically be registered for the exam by Student Services (mandatory registration). Further information is provided by Student Services.

    Your request needs to contain a detailed explanation why you should be granted an extension of the applicable deadline.

    Please make sure to attach any documents justifying your claim (if applicable in the individual case). Documents of this kind may include:

    • medical certificates
    • (birth) certificates
    • official letters from public authorities/agencies/institutions

    The examination committee will then consider your request and either grant or deny you the extension. You will receive an official notification outlining the reasons for this decision.

    To extend the preparation period for your final thesis, please fill in this form.