Simon Weißmann

Simon Weißmann

PhD Student
University of Mannheim
School of Business Informatics and Mathematics
B6, 26 – Room B 3.09
68159 Mannheim
Consultation hour(s):
feel free to come.

Short CV


  • “Endlichkeit von Integralen spezieller stochastischer Prozesse” – Master Thesis, University of Mannheim (2017)
  • “Erneuerungsprozesse – Alternation, Überlebensdauer und Altersverteilung” – Bachelor Thesis, University of Mannheim (2015)


  • “Well posendes and convergence analysis of the ensemble Kalman inversion”, with D. Blömker, C. Schillings and P. Wacker, Inverse Problems, Volume 35, Number 8,–6420/ab149c.
  • “On the incorporation of box-constraints for ensemble Kalman inversion”, with N. Chada, C. Schillings, Foundations of Data Science, Volume 1, Issue 4,
  • “Fokker–Planck particle systems for Bayesian inference: computational approaches”, with S. Reich, Preprint, arXiv:1911.10832