Seminar Mathematische Optimierung (4 ECTS)

für Master Wirtschaftsmathematik
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Claudia Schillings


Tuesday, 10:15 – 11:45 h, B6 23-25, A304. The first meeting will be on Tuesday, February, 18th, 2020.

To register for the seminar, please send an email to c.schillings(at)


Due to the current situation, the talks will be given via zoom.

The talks are scheduled as follows


 Learning Linear Models

  5.5.2020Neural Networks, Introduction
 12.5.2020Deep Neural Networks



Optimization for Data Science

Prerequisites and passing the course

Linear algebra and calculus of several variables. Some knowledge about MATLAB / Python is recommended.

Making a presentation and active participation in the seminar are required for passing the course.