Computational Modeling and Analysis for Complex Systems

The proposed research cooperation focuses on the modeling, computational simulation and analysis of complex physically motivated systems. Such systems are not only restricted to technical applications, but could also be employed to biomedical engineering, social sciences and economics.
From a microscopic point of view, complex systems are intuitive models where the interaction between an ensemble of agents can be modeled using kinetic theory. The advantage of this approach lies in the possibility to derive macroscopic equations for conserved quantities on large time scales. We will investigate questions of the qualitative behavior of solutions to the macroscopic models, their sensitivity with respect to parameters and issues of numerical analysis. Further, we develop hybrid modeling tools linking for example particle or discrete event simulation models to macroscopic fluid equations for efficient computational simulations. Possible applications of results include the collective behavior of animals (swarming), the group behavior of human beings (pedestrian flow) or metabolic, genetic and signal transduction networks.

Key words: complex systems, kinetic theory, analysis and numerical simulation

Project Partners:

Prof. Dr. Zhongyi Huang (Tsinghua University, Beijing, China)
Prof. Dr. Simone Göttlich (University of Mannheim, Germany)

Further Members:

Prof. Dr. Li Chen (University of Mannheim, Germany)

Funding: DAAD within the project „PPP VR China 2016/2017“; travel expenses for two years

Duration: 01/2016 – 12/2017

Relevant Publications