IT-Security (Master)

  • Organizer: Dr. Vasily Mikhalev
  • Target audience: Master students, no special requirements.
  • Language: English
  • Mode: One talk per week (~60 minutes) plus discussion.
  • Time: To be agreed
  • Location: Zoom. Link to be provided

Kick-Off Meeting

On October 1st, 2020 there will be an online kick-off meeting at 3.30pm covering all important aspects regarding the procedure. The zoom link will be availble soon.

You can now download the slides of the meeting.

An extensive list of possible topics can be found here.
In addition, you can propose your own topics.

  • Organization

    • Mode: One talk per week (~60 minutes) plus discussion.
    • Time: To be agreed
    • Location: Room: online
  • Schedule

    Last update on: 2020-11-04

    Please note that due to the situation with covid-19 the seminar is organized online using Zoom.  The link to the virtual room where the talks are taken place is sent out to the participants by email.

    Schedule of the talks:

    01.10.2020WIM-ZOOM-0815:30-17:00Kick-offVasily Mikhalev
    05.11.2020WIM-ZOOM-0815:30-17:00Fingerprinting: Writing & AudioGanna Bodnya
    12.11.2020WIM-ZOOM-0815:30-17:00Certain approaches for Computation on Encrypted DataJonas Janneck

    Cryptography: Post-quantum key exchange  a new hope & CECPQ1

    Lukas Müller
    26.11.2020WIM-ZOOM-0815:30-17:00Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge and Its Applications; Non-interactive zero-knowledge proof of knowledge and chosen ciphertext attackDemir Catovic
    03.12.2020WIM-ZOOM-0815:30-17:00Threat Intelligence PlatformStefan dos Santos Sousa