IT-Security (Master)

Organizer: Dr. Vasily Mikhalev

Target audience: Master students, no special requirements.

Language: English

  • Organization

    • Mode: One talk per week (~60 minutes) plus discussion.
    • Time: Mondays from 15.30 to 17.00 
    • Location: Room B2.01 in building B6

    Kick-Off Meeting

    On September 4, 2019 there will be a kick-off meeting in building B6, room B2.01 at 3.30pm covering all important aspects regarding the procedure.

     Slides of the kick-off meeting

  • Topics

    An extensive list of possible topics can be found here: Seminar Topics
    In addition, you can propose your own topics.

  • Schedule

    Last update on: 2019-09-16
    Date Time Room Title Speaker
    September 4 3.30pm B6 26, B2.01 Kick-Off Vasily Mikhalev
    October 7 3.30pm B6 26, B2.01 Comparison of Specialized Operating Systems: Qubes OS,
    Tails, Parrot Linux, Subgraph OS
    Christian Moreau
    October 14 3.30pm B6 26, B2.01 Adversarial Machine Learning - Interesting Phenomenon or Real-World Security Threat? Ole Meyer
    October 21 3.30pm B6 26, B2.01 Android: Attacks and Co­untermeasures  Johannes Hammen
    October 28 3.30pm B6 26, B2.01 Digital Currency: DigiCash Duc Tai Ly
    November 4 3.30pm B6 26, B2.01 IOT Security - A Technology or a Governance Problem? Joel Gutbrod
    November 11 3.30pm B6 26, B2.01 Authentication & Identification: OAuth, Single Sign-On (SSO),
    OpenID, SAML, and SCIM.
    Dominik Warden
    November 18 3.30pm B6 26, B2.01 Ransomware: Overview, Notable Examples and Protection Techniques Nikolaos Thymianis
    November 25 3.30pm B6 26, B2.01 NSA Skandal/Report & Snowden/Whistleblower Sybille Gallmann