IT-Security (Master)

CS 716

Kick-Off Meeting

On 2021-09-09 there will be a kick-off meeting at 1015h in room WIM-ZOOM-06 covering all important aspects regarding the procedure.


An extensive list of possible topics can be found here. In addition, you can propose your own topics.


All times are local times. Last updated on: 2021-11-19
2021-09-091015h – 1145hWIM-ZOOM-06Kick-offArmknecht
2021-09-12EODPortal2De-registration deadlineAll Students
2021-09-20EODE-MailTopic and date requests deadlineAll Students
2021-09-23EODE-MailConfirmation of topics and datesArmknecht
2021-10-211015h – 1145hWIM-ZOOM-06Talk 1Student 1
2021-10-291345h – 1515hWIM-ZOOM-06Talk 2Student 2
2021-11-051345h – 1515hWIM-ZOOM-06----
2021-11-121345h – 1515hWIM-ZOOM-06Talk 4Student 4
2021-11-191345h – 1515hWIM-ZOOM-06Talk 5Student 5
2021-11-231715h – 1845hWIMZOOM-06Talk 3Student 3
2021-11-261345h – 1515hWIM-ZOOM-06Talk 6Student 6
2021-12-031345h – 1515hWIM-ZOOM-06Talk 7Student 7
2021-12-101345h – 1515hWIM-ZOOM-06Talk 8Student 8


Talk: A talk lasts exactly 60 minutes.

Handout: The handout should be concise and informative; no longer than 6 pages.

Longer talks: If you anticipate to need more than 60 minutes, e.g. for demonstrations, talk with us and we can probably accomodate that.

Early feedback: If you would like to receive feedback on your presentation before your talk, please send us your slides by e-mail no later than one week before your presentation date.

Submission: You must submit the slides of your presentation and your handout (PDF, alternatively PowerPoint and Word) no later than the day of your presentation, before your talk. Please upload both to the talks wiki in our ILIAS course.

Grading: The focus of the seminar is on the induction and presentation of the given topic/material. This includes content as well as form and presentation style as well as the handout. The final grade is calculated as follows:

  • Talk: 80 %
  • Handout: 20 %