Cryptography II

CS 651 | English


September 03, 2021: Website updated (clarified that the lecture takes place on a weekly basis)

No Prerequisites

Even though the lecture deepens and continues topics discussed in Cryptography I, it is not a prerequisite to have attended this lecture. The lecture Cryptography II can be studied without any prior knowledge on cryptography – all necessary basics are shortly recapitulated.


    The goal of this lecture is to present and discuss important scientific concepts from modern cryptography. This includes

    • Security Definitions: How can the security of cryptographic schemes formally defined?
    • Proofs of Security: How can the security of cryptographic schemes be proven (based on precise assumptions)?
    • Cryptanalysis: What are the established techniques to analyze cryptographic mechanisms?
    • Elliptic Curves
    • Zero-Knowledge Proofs

    After the lecture, the students should understand relevant scientifc concepts of cryptography and be ready to read state-of-the-art research literature.


    Cryptography II will take place as an inverted lecture. This means that the lecture itself has been pre-recorded and the videos are made available. On a weekly basis, there will be an online meeting where the content will be discussed and questions will be clarified. The videos and slides are available in ILIAS.

    Important dates:

    • First lecture/kick-off meeting (online): September 09, 2021, 13:45–15:15 in WIM-ZOOM-02
    • Online meetings: every Thursday, 13:45–15:15 in WIM-ZOOM-02