Data Security and Privacy

Takes place in FSS2020


Lecturer: Dr. Vasily Mikhalev

Teaching Assistant: Youzhe Heng

Nowadays, users are more and more revealing data to the outside - either willingly as in the context of cloud computing or possibly unconsciously as in the case of the Internet of Things. The aim of this lecture is to raise awareness by showing various security threats, e.g., traces left in the Internet, but also possible co­untermeasures, e.g., anonymization of data or the use of dedicated encryption schemes.

  • Lecture and Exercise

    • Tuesday: 13:45-15:15h,
    • Wednesdays: 13:45-15:15

    Please note:

    Lectures are handled online  due to the COVID19 situation

  • Learning Goals


    Students will acquire the knowledge to identify security threats and to select and use appropriate co­untermeasures.

    Methodological competence

    Successful participants will be able to understand state-of-the-art methods of IT-security and cryptography, as well as being able to select, apply, and evaluate the most appropriate techniques for a variety of different security-sensitive scenarios. In particular they are able to realize possible risks in new scenarios and to transfer given solutions to these.

    Personal competence

    The analytic, concentrated, and precise thinking of the students is trained. By the independent treatment of applications, e.g. in the course of the ex-ercises, their abstraction capacity is further developed and the transfer of the learned material to related questions is trained.

  • Prerequisites

    There are no formal prerequisites but knowledge in cryptography or IT-security is recommended, e.g., by attending the lectures „Cryptography I“ or „Selected Topics in IT-Security“.

  • Exam

    • First date: 2020-06-16, 14:00h-15:30h,
      Open book format: 
      - 10 minutes are given for downloading the tasks
      - 60 minutes for solving them
      - 15 minutes - for scanning and uploading the answers 
    • Second date: to be announced