Practical Computer Science I

CS 302 | German


  • 2022–11-14: Updated exam info
  • 2022–09-05: New rooms for tutorials
  • 2022–08-23: Registration for the lecture is now possible via Portal2


Written, 90-minute exam

  • Exam on 2022–12-15, from 11:30 to 13:00 in building A3 room 001
  • Resit on 2023–02-09, time tbd.


The course language is German.

The aim of the course is to teach basic techniques that allow for given problems to develop solutions (in form of an algorithm) and to implement the algorithm as a program. Topics included in the lecture are

  • Development of algorithms
  • Oject-oriented programming (in Java)

No prior knowledge in programming is required.

Components of the Course

The course comprises

  • an inverted lecture with up to two Q&A-sessions per week:
    Thursdays 15:30–17:00 and, if required, Fridays 15:30–17:00
  • an exercise (Mondays 15:30–17:00)
  • a tutorial (Wednesdays)
  • a written exam (90 Minutes, December 15, 2022)

Registration for the tutorials is mandatory, as the exercise sheets are handed in and corrected via ILIAS (see below). Successful completion of the exercise sheets is a prerequisite for taking the exam. Attending the tutorials however is not compulsory.


We use an ILIAS course for the lecture and the tutorials, respectively. It is absolutely mandatory that you register to the course in ILIAS to get access to the relevant course material. You may find them here:

Lecture and Exercise

The lecture is offered as inverted lecture, with a weekly meeting on Thursdays for questions about the lecture material, while Fridays serve as backup slots. Lecture videos and slides will be made available on ILIAS.

The exercise takes place on Mondays.

Room: B6, A 001
Time: 15:30 – 17:00

Please note that during the first week of lectures (CW 36) there will be an introductory lecture on Monday (September 5, 15:30)


Tentative schedule (last updated on: 2022–08-23)
                 Monday    Wednesday Thursday     FridayContent
CW 36Intro// nothingQuestionsQuestions (optional)Chapter 01
CW 37ExerciseTutorials


Questions (optional)Chapter 02
CW 38ExerciseTutorialsQuestionsQuestions (optional)Chapter 03
CW 39ExerciseTutorialsQuestionsQuestions (optional)Chapter 04
CW 40German Unity DayTutorialsQuestionsQuestions (optional)Chapter 05
CW 41ExerciseTutorialsQuestionsQuestions (optional)Chapter 06a
CW 42ExerciseTutorialsQuestionsQuestions (optional)Chapter 06b
CW 43ExerciseTutorialsQuestionsQuestions (optional)Chapter 07
CW 44ExerciseTutorialsQuestionsQuestions (optional)Chapter 08a
CW 45ExerciseTutorialsQuestionsQuestions (optional)Chapter 08b
CW 46ExerciseTutorialsQuestionsQuestions (optional)Chapter 09a
CW 47ExerciseTutorialsQuestionsQuestions (optional)Chapter 09b
CW 48ExerciseTutorialsQuestionsQuestions (optional)Chapter 10

CW 49

ExerciseTutorialsQuestionsQuestions (optional)Chapter 11


All tutorials start in the second week of the lecture period (i.e. CW 37) and take place on Wednesdays. All groups are offered on-site. The exact times, type, rooms, and tutors can be found in the following table:

Last updated on: 2022–09-05
1B108:3010:00On-siteA5, C012Darius Hahn
2B210:1511:45On-siteB6, A104Jannis Knof
3B312:0013:30On-siteB6, A203Daniel Fuhge
4B413:4515:15On-siteB6, D007Hannes Neumann
5B515:3017:00On-siteB6, D007*Florian Bauer
6B617:1518:45On-siteA5, C012Eliya Ameri

* The first tutorial (14 September 2021) will be held in B6, A104.

Exam Admission

For admission to the exam, you must achieve at least 50% of the points of the first half's exercise sheets and 50% of the points of the second half's exercise sheets. The exercise sheets need to be handed in electronically via ILIAS before Monday 15:30 in the course of the tutorials. At the same time, the new exercise sheet is published.