• Scientific background: the Mannheim Fisher effect

    The Mannheim Fisher effect is a variety of the well-known Fisher effect in economics. According to Norman Steenrod, the Mannheim Fisher effect is trivially part of the Category Theory. It refers to the relationship between nominal interests, real interests, and third party expectations (Figure 1). The relationship was discovered by Hiram Kümper in the Irish Pub on 22nd March, 2017, shortly before midnight (Figure 2). An enhanced Mannheim Fisher effect is called Mannheim Chili effect. In contrast to standard assumptions in information economics, the Mannheim Chili effect does not presume the unrestricted optimum being on the border.

    In case you find anything useful on this page, please cite as:
    J. Derkau, H. Kümper, M. Schlather (2023). The Mannheim Fisher Effect. Work in progress. URL https://www.wim.uni-mannheim.de/schlather/chili-con-muesli

  • Workshops

    At the latest, the corona pandemic has told us the importance of coffee breaks. Consequently, our workshops are without presentations.

    Next workshop

    6th Chili con Muesli, 11 September 2024, 8:00am – 11:59am (loose coming & going)

    The next Chili-con-Muesli will take place Wednesday, 11 September 2024 with apples and chilis, including gages and cherries on the top.

    Please let Anja Gilliar, sekretariat.math(at)uni-mannheim.de, know if you intend to come.

    Past workshops

    5. Mannheimer Chili-Frühstück, 20.9.2023, 8:00

    Satellite Programme in 2023: Seminar on Applied Stochastics

    4. Mannheimer Chili-Frühstück, 14.9.2022, 8:00

    1. Spanferkel-Essen, 20.5.2022, 17:00

    3. Mannheimer Chili-Frühstück, 30.10.2019, 8:30

    2. Mannheimer Chili-Frühstück, 12.9.2018, 9:00

    1. Mannheimer Chili-Frühstück, Herbst 2017


  • Implementation

    General recipe

    Take any favorite (uncooked) Bircher muesli recipe. Add finely chopped chilis (Capsicum chinense, Capsicum baccatum) at your own taste and let them soak with the Bircher muesli over night. Note:

    • reduce sugar, as chilis intensify sweetness;
    • do not cook the chilis;
    • adding the chilis in the morning results in a slightly less harmonizing muesli;
    • any oat muesli etc. is fine -- do not take popped mueslis or cornflakes;
    • adding curd reduces the spiceness, allowing for more tasteful chilis.


    Suitable cultivars

    Not all chili cultivars equally suit Chili con Muesli. As a general rule, chilis that have a strong and pure citrus flavor with a good ratio between taste and spiceness are excellent.


    Chili conservation

    Fresh chilis are best for Chili con Muesli. To conserve for winter time, freeze the chilis. Only if not enough space is available, chop them beforehand. Freezing as a whole keeps much of the taste, in contrast to drying.