The chair regularly offers courses both on the Bachelor and the Master level, as well as seminars about various topics in computer science in general and database systems in particular.

Teaching Operations During University Shutdown

Teaching operations with student attendance are currently suspended due to the spread of coronavirus. This includes the courses DBS II and Query Optimization offered by our chair. We are currently working on ways to switch over to digital teaching offers to substitute the on-campus lectures and exercise sessions. As before, we are going to provide written teaching materials like slides and exercise sheets. Additionally, we are going to upload recordings of our two lectures. We are planning to release the first videos by the end of calendar week 13. For course-specific information, please refer to the respective course website and/or ILIAS group. For questions, comments and suggestions, do not hesitate to contact Daniel Flachs (DBS II) and Magnus Müller (QO).

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Course Archive

For information about courses offered in the past, please refer to the course archive.