Partial Differential Equations

General information

Lecturer: Prof. boschi Li Chen

Tutor: Lukas Bol

MAA504 Partial Differential EquationDate/TimeRoom


Tue 13:45

Thu 13:45

A 5, 6 – C 012

A 5, 6 – C 012

TutorialFri 10:15A 5, 6 – C 012

Exam Requirement: None (Zulassung zur Klausur nicht erforderlich)


  1. Foundation: Arzela-Ascoli, Hölder Space, Lp-Space, Sobolev Space and Theorems.
  2. Existence and Uniquess of elliptic PDE: regularization of weak solution, Maximum Principle.
  3. Schauder Theory: C^{2,a} Estimation of Poisson equation, Inner- and Global regularity. existence and uniqueness of classical solution.
  4. Linear Parabolic PDE

Homework Assignments


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