• Applying for HWS 2022

    All bachelor theses in the Fall semester (HWS 2022) will start on 01.09.2022 and finish on 31.11.2022.  No theses will be graded, or certified as being sufficient for a passing grade, before the submisson deadline (31.11.2022). Suggested topics for doing a bachelor thesis in our group in HWS 2022 are described in the BachelorThesisTopics-HWS2022 document in the Dateien folder of the Ilias group Bachelor Thesis [Sond] [1. PG] (HWS 2022)  and the requirements/guidelines are described in the file BachelorThesisTemplate&Instructions document.

    To apply for a place, please join the aforementioned Ilias group and complete the Apply for a Thesis Place task by the deadline of 31.05.2022. To complete this task, please upload the following information in a SINGLE pdf document –

    1. curriculum vitae
    2. transcript of records,
    3. a list of all courses you are taking in the FSS 2022 semester,
    4. a short application letter indicating what topic(s) you would like to do. If it is your own topic you need to provide a title and a short descriptive abstract.


  • Applying for FSS 2023

    The page for applying for a master thesis place in FSS 2023 will open by the end of August