Practical IT-Security

During this seminar different security topics will be dealt with. In particular, current research results from the following areas are in the foreground: Internet of Things Security, Web Security, Mobile Security, Biometric Security, Cloud Security, Automotive Security, Malware, Crypto & Politics, but also classic areas such as Hardware Security, System Security, Digital Currencies and Cryptography. The main aim is to understand and present the work and also to present concrete implementations or experiments.

In the context of this seminar each participant has to scientifically work on a topic and give a presentation about it. Furthermore, a handout must be handed out to accompany the lecture. Finally an active participation in the lectures of the other seminar participants is desired.

  • Intention

    The intention of this seminar is to provide you with a platform where you can practice preparing and giving presentations. While classical lectures focus on the teaching of materials and methods and their application, there are hardly any situations in your studies where you can learn how to give lectures.


    The offered seminar should fill this gap partially. In this respect, the main focus of our seminar is not on the creation of seminar papers, which is partly redundant for the creation of final papers, but on the presentation itself. The lectures therefore last one hour, while the rest of the time is used for discussion and feedback. As a consequence, the grading is primarily based on the lecture.

  • Organisational Matters

    Management and Organization: Dr. Matthias Hamann

    Available for: Bachelor, teaching degree, no special previous knowledge required.

    Language: Primary German, English lecture possible.

    Event room & lecture dates: See table below.

  • Participation and Topic request

    1. Application: Apply for the seminar by registering via Portal2 until 05.02.2020. We might contact you to ask for further information (such as your transcript of records), e.g., if there should be more applications than available slots.
    2. Confirmation of participation: On 07.02.2020 you will receive a notification whether your application was successful.
    3. Premeeting: Attend the premeeting on 10.02.2020 (Monday) at 13:45 in room B6, A1.04 and find out about the available topics.
    4. Selection of topics: Select your three favourite topics by 09:00 a.m. on 19.02.2020 and send us an e-mail with the order of your favourite topics first. Please include your matriculation number and your name in this mail so that we can assign you.
    5. Confirmation of topic and time slot: On 21.02.2020 you will receive a notification of which seminar topic and which time slot has been assigned to you.


    An extensive list of possible topics can be found here.

  • Schedule

    05.02.2020 Portal2Deadline for seminar applicationHamann
    07.02.2020 Portal2Confirmation whether seminar application was successfulHamann


    13:45B6, A104Kick-Off-Meeting: Preliminary discussion and organizational matters.Hamann
    19.02.202009:00MailDeadline for submitting comments on desired topics and datesHamann
    21.02.2020 MailAnnouncement of topic allocations and seminar dayHamann
    15.07.2020TBDTBDPresentation Day 1Lecturer 1-4
    05.08.2020TBDTBDPresentation Day 2Lecturer 5-8
  • Evaluation

    Length of talk: A talk lasts exactly 60 minutes.

    Size of the handouts: The handout should be concise and informative; no longer than 6 pages.

    Deviation from the specification: Duration and/or scope may be greater by arrangement, e.g. for demonstrations or source texts.

    Previous feedback: If you would like feedback on your presentation, please send us your slides by e-mail no later than one week before your presentation date. Unfortunately, we cannot give feedback for papers submitted later.

    Submission: You must submit the slides of your presentation (PDF, alternatively PowerPoint) no later than the date of the presentation. The submission must take place before your presentation. Together with this, you must submit a printed and digital version of your handouts. Please send both submissions by e-mail to us.

    Evaluation: The focus of the seminar is on the induction and presentation of the given topic/material. This includes content as well as form and presentation style. In addition, the handout is included as follows:

    • Talk: 80 %
    • Handout: 20 %
  • News

    • IMPORTANT: Due to the Covid19 situation, the seminar will now be held in block format (see event schedule above). Details and updates are distributed via email.
    • 13.02.2020: The slides of the introduction session can be downloaded here.
    • 28.01.2020: Website updated