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Master Business Informatics

    Acknowledgement of Examinations

  • What conditions must be met for an acknowledgement of examinations?

    • The acquired skills of the module that you want to have acknowledged have to overlap significantly with the module to be replaced in Mannheim.
    • Before you apply, please check the equivalence of the course content, learning outcomes and qualification goals by comparing the Mannheim module descriptions with the content and scope of your courses.


    Note: The conversion ratio of semester hours per week (SWS) on ECTS is about 1.5. A module with a workload of 6 ECTS credits corresponds to approximately 4 hours per week for example. Also, several courses / modules can be combined to cover a corresponding equivalent content.

  • How does the acknowledgement of examinations work?

    Applications to the examination board must be submitted in writing. Please remember to provide your address, matriculation number and e-mail address if any queries become necessary. Please also state the semester in which you started your Master's degree program, so that we can assign your request directly to the valid examination regulations.

    Studies and examinations that you have provided in University studies at a state or state-acknowledged university (home and abroad) or cooperative education may be credited upon request, provided the proven competencies match substantially with those of the Business Informatics degree programs in Mannheim.

  • What documents are needed for recognition?

    For the acknowledgement you have to hand in the following documents:

    • A written, informal application for recognition of examinations including information about which completed modules you would like to recognize and which modules of the University of Mannheim will be replaced by these.
    • Original certificate or a current, officially certified transcript (Transcript of Records). When not issued in German or English certificates please submit an officially certified German or English translation.
    • Documents from which the acquired skills emerge (in brief) and the content of the course(s) to be recognized. Without proof of the competencies acquired in the module/course your request can not be processed! This can for example be excerpts from the description of modules with learning goals and learning objectives or learning outcomes from course catalogs, study guide, notes or scripts with references, or - if necessary - printouts from the Internet or links to relevant information on the Internet.
    • Send us this information in electronic form and as printout.
  • Where can I submit the documents for an acknowledgement of examinations?

    Please hand in the complete documents in notarized hardcopy at the secretary's office of the head of the examination board.

    Note: A final decision on possible debits can be made only after enrolling at the University of Mannheim. Unfortunately, preliminary information can not be provided.

  • Studyplan and Timetables


    The „Master of Business Informatics“, held in English, offers a university education at the interface between computer science and business administration. The goal of the study concept is to equip the students with basic knowledge of a business informatics specialist, combined with the opportunity to specialize in key areas of business informatics as well. The seminars and projects aim at going beyond a basic skill set: the goal of the seminars is to learn scientific argumentation in discussion, presentation and writing; the team project simulates real world situations in project management and team work.

    The program comprises five blocks:

    1. Fundamentals Computer Science (18 ECTS):

    In this area, the core competencies of a business IT specialist are further developed based on the knowledge gained from the Bachelor's degree. Here you can choose courses that will prepare you and will be necessary for the specializations. 

    2. Fundamentals Business Administration (at least 18 ECTS):

    In this area, you can select at least 18 ECTS of courses in Accounting and Taxation, Banking, Finance and Insurance, Management, Marketing and Operations Management. These lectures are offered by the business administration faculties and offer you a great opportunity to either gain expert knowledge in a certain domain or to gain broad knowledge about different areas in business administration. 

    3. Specialization Courses (36 ECTS):

    In this area, you can choose 6 courses from the specializations offered from all of our chairs about many different topics. You are consciously given the freedom to put together lectures according to your own interests.

    4. Projects and Seminars (18 ECTS):

    In addition to the expertise you acquire during your studies, it is important to us that you also develop social skills and soft skills. What matters is your personal qualities, attitudes, skills and abilities, especially in the field of communication and motivation. Although these are also a matter of life and work experience, you can train and develop them.

    The course „Scientific Research“ (2 ECTS) teaches key qualification of basic tools and methods for scientific conduct. The course is offered several times a semester as a block course. In the seminar (4 ECTS) you will use these tools to learn to discuss, present and write about current research questions in business informatics. 

    The team project (12 ECTS), which is an integral part of the program, can be taken for 6 months or can be stretched out for 12 months. It not only provides students with technical skills, but also social skills in project management and team work.

    5. Masters Thesis (30 ECTS):

    With your thesis, you demonstrate that you have the necessary skills and abilities to independently handle a subject-specific problem using scientific methods. 

    Team projects, seminars and thesis topics are offered by the individual chairs of the Faculty of Business Informatics and Business Mathematics and the Faculty of Business Administration. Current topics of business informatics are offered in practical application or in research.

  • Examination regulations and module catalogue

    The module catalogue 2019/2020 (Appendix)  (for those studying under the examination regulations of 2013 please refer to this module catalogue (Appendix)) gives an overview of the courses and contents of the program.

    Please read the examination regulations of your program carefully.

  • Examination Board

    Members of the examination board for the course Master of Science (M.Sc.) Business Informatics :


    Prof. Dr. Ponzetto

    Student representative

    Michael Timpelan

    You can contact the examination board via pruefungsausschuss(at)           

    The official address is:

    Prof. Dr. Simone Paolo Ponzetto

    Prof. Dr. Simone Paolo Ponzetto

    Examination Board M.Sc. Business Informatics
    Universität Mannheim
    Fakultät für Wirtschafts­informatik und Wirtschafts­mathematik
    B 6, 26 – Raum B 1.14
    68159 Mannheim
    Di 13:30–14:30 Uhr
  • Advisory Service

    The student advisory (run by the study coach and the academic advisor) is a combined offer for the Master Degree of Business Informatics  

    You can consult us in questions regarding:

    • the study program
    • the module catalogue
    • the examination regulations
    • cases of hardship
    • questions about module changes
    • contents of courses
    • your study plan (modules, tracks, thesis)

    You can contact the advisory service via studienberatung(at)   

    Samuel Broscheit

    Samuel Broscheit

    Fach­studien­beratung Wirtschafts­informatik und Lehr­amt Informatik
    Universität Mannheim
    Fakultät für Wirtschafts­informatik und Wirtschafts­mathematik
    B 6, 26
    Gebäudeteil B – Raum B 0.10
    68159 Mannheim
    nach Vereinbarung
    Birgit Czanderle, M.A.

    Birgit Czanderle, M.A.

    Studien­erfolgskoordinatorin, Studien­coaching Wirtschafts­informatik und MMDS, Kontaktstelle zum Prüfungs­ausschuss
    Universität Mannheim
    Fakultät für Wirtschafts­informatik und Wirtschafts­mathematik
    B 6, 26
    Gebäudeteil B – Raum B 0.05
    68159 Mannheim
    nach Vereinbarung
    Mo–Mi 10–13.30 Uhr
    Lisa Wessa, M.A.

    Lisa Wessa, M.A.

    in Elternzeit
    Kontakt zur Fakultät WIM

    Kontakt zur Fakultät WIM

    Universität Mannheim
    Fakultät für Wirtschafts­informatik und Wirtschafts­mathematik
    B 6,26
    68159 Mannheim
    bis Fr., 13.12.2019 telefonisch: Di, 12.30–13.30 Uhr und Fr, 10–11 Uhr
  • Master’s Thesis

    In order to find a supervisor and a topic for the master thesis, early planning and initiative is necessary. First and foremost, as a student, you are responsible for finding direct contact with a chair that fits your study profile. This means that you proactively contact several chairs / professors to get a topic for your Master's thesis. It is most common that you find an agreement in this way and this way is desired by the faculty of you as a student. 

    Master students of business informatics are allowed to write their thesis either in the field of business informatics or informatics. Please inform yourself about the requirements of each chair.

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