Introduction to Partial Differential Equations


Tuesdays,17:15 – 18:45 in B244 (A5) + ZOOM

Thurdays, 8:30 – 10:00 in B243 (A5) + ZOOM

Note that the Zoom links are now found on Portal2 in the course page in the Parallel­gruppen tab (if you know a better way to find the link, please tell Ross)

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Time: Tuesdays 15:30 -17:00 in B244 (A 5) + ZOOM

The first tutorial will take place on Wednesday 8.9.2021 at 15:30 -17:00 in C 012 in A5, but mostly consider background material. Subsequent tutorials will be on Tuesday. You do not have to submit the first exercise sheet. Thereafter, please email your exercises by Monday 12:00, the day before the tutorial, so I (Ross) can mark them and give feedback. A minimum of 50% of the exercise points is necessary to be admitted to the exam.

Exercise Sheets:

Sheet 1Solutions

Sheet 2SolutionsTransport Eq, Inhom Transport Eq

Sheet 3Solutions – There is a justification of the entropy condition on physical grounds in Evans' book Partial Differential Equations pg 142-3.

Sheet 4 – Solutions

Sheet 5 – Solutions

Sheet 6 – Solutions

Sheet 7 – Solutions

Sheet 8 – Solutions

Sheet 9 – Solutions

Sheet 10 – Solutions

Sheet 11 – Solutions

Sheet 12 – Solutions

Sheet 13 – Solutions


For your interest, here are two papers about PDE theory broadly: a historical perspective and on the unity of the subject.