Monte Carlo Methods

Dr. Peter Parczewski

Inverted classroom

ALL meetings will be only online in ZOOM !

Later in the semester the course will continue online + live

(prerecorded lectures + quiz + exercises)

Introduction: Mon, 14.2.22, 13:45 in ZOOM

The first lectures and the lecture notes are online (see ILIAS). More information in ILIAS, including links and files.

The password for the ILIAS group of the lecture can be obtained from Peter Parczewski by E-Mail on request.

General information on this course.

Weekly parts of the lecture:

  1. Lecture videos (about 60 min per week)
  2. Quiz + discussions (MON, about 45 min per week)
  3. Tutorials with assistents (Exercises (every two weeks!) + Questions) (WED, about 0–90 min per week)

QUIZ: Mon, 13:45

TUTORIAL: Wed, 12:00