Cryptography II

Cryptography II will take place as an inverted lecture. This means that the video recordings and slides from the HWS 2016 will be made available to the students and checked.

Further details at the kickoff meeting on

  • Monday, 2 September, 17:15

 in room B6, 26 - Raum B2.01. Experience shows that the meeting will last 30 minutes at max.

In the lecture a short compilation of the most important cryptographic basic algorithms and the mathematical, algorithmic and information- and complexity-theoretical basics relevant for the lecture takes place. On this basis, modern cryptographic methods for different fields of application are presented and analyzed. In particular, this involves

  • Modern techniques of cryptanalysis and design criteria for cryptographic procedures which can be derived from them
  • Cryptographic protocols
  • Security Evidence for Cryptographic Protocols
  • Security engineering