Practical Computer Science I

The course includes a lecture with two dates per week (Thursdays and Fridays), an exercise (Mondays), and a tutorial (Wednesdays). Registration and participation in the exercise and lecture is recommended, but not mandatory. Registration for the tutorials is mandatory, as the exercise sheets are handed in and corrected via ILIAS. However, attendance is not compulsory. Successful completion of the exercise sheets is a prerequisite for taking the exam.

  • Lecture

    The lecture takes place on Thursdays and Fridays, the exercise on Mondays in the same room at the same time.

    Location: B6, A.0.01

    Time: 15:30-17:00

    Please note that during the first week of lectures (CW 36) there will also be a lecture on Monday.

    Dates Lecture and Exercise (as of: 14.08.2019)
      Monday Thursday Friday
    CW 36 Lecture Lecture Lecture
    CW 37 Practice Lecture Lecture
    CW 38 Practice Lecture Lecture
    CW 39 Practice Lecture Lecture
    CW 40 Practice //Public Holiday Lecture
    CW 41 Practice Lecture Lecture
    CW 42 Practice Lecture Lecture
    CW 43 Practice Lecture Lecture
    CW 44 Practice Lecture //Public Holiday
    CW 45 Practice Lecture Lecture
    CW 46 Practice Lecture Lecture
    CW 47 Practice Lecture Lecture
    CW 48 Practice Lecture Lecture
    CW 49 Practice Lecture Lecture
  • Tutorials

    All tutorials take place on Wednesdays, the exact times, rooms, and tutors can be found in the following table:

    Group Block Begin End Room Tutor
    1 B1 0830h 1000h B6, A2.04 Viedena Vu
    2 B2 1015h 1145h B6, A2.04 Rebecca Lehming
    3 B3 1200h 1330h B6, A2.04 Sascha Ercevic
    4 B3 1200h 1330h A5, C0.14 Jonas Bauer
    5 B4 1345h 1515h B6, A1.04 Nicolas Giraud
    6 B4 1345h 1515h B6, A3.05 Tobias Sesterhenn
    7 B5 1530h 1700h B6, A2.04 Jannis Knof
    8 B6 1715h 1845h B6, A2.04 Mert Can Beser
  • Exam Admission and Exercise Sheets

    For admission to the exam, you must pass 50% of the first six exercise sheets and 50% of the subsequent five exercise sheets. The exercise sheets are always handed in electronically until Monday 15:30 in the course of the tutorials at ILIAS, at the same time the new exercise sheet is published at the same place.

  • Exam

    Written, 90-minute exam

    • First exam: on 2019-12-12
    • Re-sit exam: on 2020-02-06