Business Studies Courses

Courses from the course catalogue offered by the School of Business of the University of Mannheim and totalling to no more than 24 ECTS can also be attended. Courses are to be choosen from one single study area. The Examination Board chairman may in exceptional cases allow a course combination comprising of courses belonging to different areas.

All courses contained in the Mannheim Master of Management course catalogue that have been permitted for students of the Mathematics in Business and Economics Degree Program may also be included in your study plan.

Inclusion of further courses may be possible upon consultation with the Examination Board.

Candidates that decide to take on courses from the Area Finance may choose from the following selection of courses:

Course CodeCourse TitleSCHECTSTerm
FIN 500Investments I2+16WS
FIN 520
Banking Management I
2+1 6WS
FIN 520
Banking Management II
FIN 540
Corporate Finance I
FIN 560
Risk Management and Insurance I (Risik management in  insurance companies)
FIN 561
Risk Management and Insurance II (Investment management in insurance companies)
FIN 580
Derivatives I - Strategies and Valuation2+16WS
FIN 601
Investments II
FIN 602
Trading and Exchanges
FIN 620
Behavioral Finance (Master)
FIN 640
Corporate Finance II
FIN 681
Derivatives II - Advanced Pricing and Risk Management Applications2+16WS
FIN 682
International Asset Management

If required, further courses also outside of the Area Finance may be taken.

Economics Courses

Following courses are permitted:

  • Microeconometrics
  • Methods in Empirical Industrial Organization
  • Multiple Time Series Analysis
  • Advanced Time Series Analysis
  • Mathematical Statistics and Econometrics I (Asymptotic Theory for Parametric Models)
  • Mathematical Statistics and Econometrics II (Nonparametric Models)
  • Mathematical Statistics and Econometrics III (Semiparametric Models, Empirical Process Theory)  

In principle, it is also possbile to take any of the courses that are on offer within the Masters Degree Program in Economics in the second or later semesters. However, obtaining the approval of the docent responsible for the respective degree program beforehand is a prerequisite.


* Please keep in mind that the above stated information is preliminary and given with reservations.