Master of Science in Mathematics in Business and Economics

This degree program jointly covers degree courses in mathematics and business studies. After completion of a mathematics related Bachelor's Degree, that comprises of both mathematic and business (that is economics or/and business studies) components to a satisfactory extent, students can apply to this four-semester Masters Degree Program. Candidates are expected to have completed no less than 80 ECTS in mathematic courses, no less than 30 ECTS in business studies, as well as to have a total grade average of minimum 2,8. The admission is being conducted by the selection committee. Depending on the pursued major, preparation of the Master thesis is being supervised either by a faculty member or external docent from the Institute of Mathematics. On a case-by-case basis supervision may also be conducted by a faculty member or external docent from the School of Law and Economics - Department of Economics, the Business School or the Institute of Informatics (all University of Mannheim).

The first academic year provides students with training in advanced areas of both mathematics and business studies. The second academic year serves for both preparation and writting of the Masters thesis. In line with the ยง 4 Abs. 3, obligatory study guidance consultation done by a faculty member or external docent is designated in the course of the first semester; with the aim of defining the individual studies focus.

A list of offered mathematics courses can be obtained in the course catalogue of the Institute of Mathematics.


Please be aware that students must at least have passed the C1 level of  German language to enroll in the Master program.

Respective degree program foresees the following examinations, carrying in total 120-127 ECTS:

  1. Fundamental Mathematics: courses totalling to at least 16 ECTS and that have not already been included in the major course (see 2.)  intake. Here atleast two different groups (Mathematics A,B,C) carrying 8 ECTS need to be represented.
  2. Major: course intake totalling to atleast 14 ECTS
  3. Economic studies: 32-40 ECTS, with no more than 24 ECTS in the area of business studies
  4. Masters Thesis: 30 ECTS, including the final presentation of your thesis

Every module combination that is offered by the lecturers or external docents at the University of Mannheim's Institute of Mathematics may be chosen as a major. Masters degree level courses in Econometrics and Mathematical Statistics, as well as Cryptography or Computational Complexity Theory are as well allowed to be included in your individual study plan.

In total there are at least two and at most three seminar papers to be prepared from the part 1,2 or 3, whereas at least one seminar paper is to be written in part 2, i.e. in choosen major subject.

For the purpose of broadening your knowledge of fundamentals it is possible to choose two modules from the course offering of the Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics in Business and Economics.

Please note, you are not allowed to choose among modules that have already been taken as a part of Bachelor's Degree.

Further Information

Further information about the courses that may be taken within the Masters Degree Program may be obtained under the following links:


  • Fall term: March 15th till May 31st
  • Spring term: October 1st till November 15th


Student Advisory:

N. N.: studienberatung(at)

Manager of Degree Programs:

Elena Boldin: boldin(at)