Study Opportunities at the School

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

The aim of our bachelor’s study program is to convey fundamental methods and practical knowledge in the fields of business studies, economics, mathematics and informatics. Developing competencies in bordering disciplines is of special importance, since it provides the sound training needed for the successful execution of corporate assignments at the intersection between operational applications and technical implementation. After successfully finishing bachelor’s studies, graduates stand before the choice between starting their career path in the corporate world and continuing their studies within one of the masters study programs on offer. The School offers the following bachelor’s study programs:

Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Building on the foundations of the bachelor's studies, master’s studies aim to deepen methodological skills and specific knowledge within the field of chosen major. Master’s studies may be commenced consecutively (i.e. right away after finishing your studies) as well as after undertaking first successful career steps. Our master study programs are also open to graduates of other pertinent bachelor's study programs. After the completion of the master study program, one may again choose between starting a corporate career and applying for the place in a doctoral studies program. The School offers the following master’s study programs

Teaching Education Degree Program (1st State Examination)

In addition to our bachelor’s and master’s study programs, our School offers Teaching Education Degree Program (1st State Examination). The following programs are on offer:

Doctorate Degree Programs (Dr.rer.nat./Dr.rer.pol.)

Doctorate studies provide especially qualified and interested graduates with the opportunity to acquire a doctor title as well as - in case of corresponding interest - to start a career in academia. Further information can be found here.