What is Mathematics in Business and Economics?

What is Mathematics in Business and Economics?

Mathematics in Business and Economics seeks to solve economic problems by means of methods and concepts provided in the sphere of mathematical science.

It is clear to everyone that bankers crunch numbers on a daily basis. However, one also comes upon mathematics everywhere where the future developments and trends are to be determined.

Mathematics in Business and Economics is all about how the problems from the realm of business and technology can be translated into the language of mathematics and then be solved by means of mathematical models. Quite often this involves more than one mathematical model - what makes the matter even more exciting!

What is in it for me?

Without mathematics there would be no DVDs, no weather forecasts, no barcode on your chocolate bar, no online shopping, and also no possibilities for surfing the web for downloading your favorite ring tones. Challenges such as these show up in business on a daily basis and can be efficiently solved by the help of mathematical methods: in Mathematics in Business and Economics you will not only learn how to calculate and analyze, but also how to sort out open questions into business contexts and solve them, often bringing about substantial societal benefits.

By occupying yourself with Mathematics in Business and Economics, you will learn how to think out of the box, sharpen your ability to think in abstract terms, and train yourself how to more precisely formulate and structure causal relationships.