Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Business Informatics

The goal of the Bachelor degree (B.Sc) in Business Informatics is to provide an understanding of general methods and practical knowledge in Information Systems, Business Studies, and Computer Sciences. In particular, students are to acquire competencies in neighboring disciplines in order to obtain well-founded knowledge. This will enable them to link up operational applications and the implementation of processes (cue: Services) in their work and hence fulfil their future role in a company. After completing the Bachelor studies successfully, the graduates are free to choose whether they want to enter the workforce or continue their academic career with the Master program. For further information regarding the Bachelor study course, the application process, or the examination regulations, click  here.

Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Business Informatics

Following the Bachelor studies, the Master study course in Business Informatics deepens the knowledge concerning methods and aligns it with a specific field of application in one major subject (Career Track). The study course can be entered consecutively, directly following the Bachelor studies, or after a successfully completed apprenticeship. Furthermore, the study course is open to other relevant Bachelor study courses. Master graduates can either pursue their careers in the workforce or apply for a doctoral program independently of our University or at one of our chairs respectively. The Master of Science in Business Informatics has been offered at the University of Mannheim since the fall semester of 2009. For further information on the Master study course, click  here.

Doctorate (Dr. rer. pol./Dr. rer. nat.) in Business Informatics

A doctorate offers particularly qualified and interested graduates the opportunity to obtain a doctor's title and hence opens the door for an academic career, if this is desired.

Habilitation or Junior Professorship

After having completed their doctoral program successfully, eligible candidates can either work at the university as assistants or apply for a junior professorship - if an academic career is to be pursued.