First Week and Introductory Events for Bachelor and Master Freshers at the WIM

The Ersti-Week in HWS 2021 is organised by the Fachschaft FIM.

Links, information and everything else can be found here.


The Bachelor First Week will take place from 06.09.2021 – 10.09.2021.

The Master Ersti Days will take place on Friday, 03.09.2021 (introductory session online) and Monday, 06.09.2021 (presentation of the chairs).

All further information about the Ersti-Weeks and introductory events can be found on the homepage of the student council:–22/

In addition, the introductory events for the entire university and all faculties can be found here:

Feel free to follow the Ersti-Accounts of the Student Council, here you will be kept up to date about all introductory events:



(Don't be surprised if there aren't that many followers yet – these are the right accounts! Most first-year students probably haven't discovered the account yet).


Contact the student council:

For general questions before you start your studies (please ask questions about the Ersti-Week, the start of your studies, ... here).

Instagram: wim_erstis_2021

Instagram: wim_master_erstis

University scouts:

For general questions during your studies:

Mail: fim

Instagram: fim_unima