Photo credit: Mr. Alex

Bath-Mannheim Workshop on Self-Similarity

The aim of the workshop was to give the young researcher from Mannheim and Bath in the areas related to self-similar Markov processes the chance to present and discuss their work.

  • Speakers

    • Sam Baguley (Mannheim)
    • Isaac Gonzalez Garcia (Bath)
    • Christian Hirsch (Aalborg)
    • Emma Horton (Bath)
    • Andreas Kyprianou (Bath)
    • Juan Carlos Pardo (Bath/CIMAT)
    • Helmut Pitters (Mannheim)
    • Tsogzolmaa Saizmaa (Bath)
    • Quan Shi (Oxford)
    • Alex Watson (Manchester)
    • Philip Weissmann (Mannheim)
  • Program

    09.00-09.20 Philip Weissmann (Mannheim)
    09.20-09.40 Juan Carlos (Bath/CIMAT)
    09.40-10.00 Helmut Pitters (Mannheim)
    10.00-10.20 Andreas Kyprianou (Bath)
      Break (coffee cafe)
    11.00-11.20 Quan Shi (Oxford)
    11.20-11.40 Isaac Gonzalez Garcia (Bath)
    11.40-12.00 Sam Baguley (Mannheim)
      lunch break
    13.40-14.00 Tsogzolmaa Saizmaa (Bath)
    14.00-14.20 Christian Hirsch (Aalborg, soon Mannheim)
    14.20-14.40 Alex Watson (Manchester)
    14.40-15.00 Emma Horton (Bath)
      Break (coffee shop)
    15.40-18:30 Free for discussion
    18:30 Dinner in town
  • Practical Information

    Date: December 13rd, 2018

    Venue: University of Bath (Wolfson lecture theatre) 4W 1.7

  • Organizers

    Leif Döring (Mannheim), Andreas Kyprianou (Bath)