Optimization in Machine Learning

This lecture (6 ECTS) will cover optimization methods that typically appear in machine learning. Most importantly, we will discuss different (stochastic) versions of gradient descent methods and their applications in machine learning.

  • Team

    Felix Benning, Prof. Dr. Simon Weißmann

  • Weekly schedule


    Tuesday, B4, D 007 Seminarraum 2 (B 6, 27–29 Bauteil D)

    Thursday, B3, D 007 Seminarraum 2 (B 6, 27–29 Bauteil D)

    Exercise Classes: 

    every second Thursday (starting on 2 March 2023)

  • Exercises

    Sheet 1 (correction in Exercise 1 (i))

    You can find the solutions here

  • Lecture notes

    Lecture Notes (work in progress in parallel to this course, latest update: 13.03.2023)