Frequently Asked Questions

Note: Although we try our best to keep the information on this web site as accurate and up to date as possible, it is not legally binding. For legally binding information, please consult the admission regulations and the examination regulations.

Which courses do I have to attend?

You can make an individual selection from the list of courses. Note that the study plan shown on this page is just an example. However, you have to fulfill certain constraints when you select courses from different blocks:

  • 0-14 ECTS in the block "Fundamentals"
  • 24-36 ECTS in the block "Data Management"
  • 30-54 ECTS in the block "Data Analysis"
  • 12-16 ECTS in the block "Research"

Which courses from the research block can I take?

You can take either an individual project and a seminar or a team project and a seminar.

Which courses are suitable for first semester students?

Those courses are marked in the list of offerings on this page.

Can I get credits for courses I took in other universities?

Yes, that is possible, if they are equivalent to a course in the MMDS course offerings. Details can be found here.

Can I study abroad for a semester?

Yes, that is possible. To do so, you can refer to the list of partner universities of the business informatics and mathematics faculty (see list here) and the list of partner universities of the University of Mannheim (see list here). Alternatively, you can also apply to a different university of your choice as a so called "free mover" (see here)

Since data science is a quite novel field, most of those are partners in the business informatics and business mathematics master's programmes, not in dedicated data science programs, and you have to check yourself whether the course catalogues contain a suitable amount of data science related courses. Depending on whether you select courses with a focus on computer science or mathematics, you have to apply either for a business informatics or business mathematics exchange.

Details on how to transfer credits from studies abroad can be found here.

More helpful information can be found on the web page of the International Office of the University of Mannheim.

In case of questions, please contact Juliane Roth.

How do I attend a team project?

In the beginning of each semester, the business informatics institute organizes a session in which all chairs offering team projects introduce their topics. After that session, you enroll for a team project in Portal2, indicating your preferences.

How do I conduct an individual project?

Individual projects are offered by the chairs. In general, you should approach one of the lecturers offering courses in the MMDS and appoint the topic and scope of your project individually.

Who can supervise my Master's thesis?

In general, all professors teaching in the MMDS also supervise masters' theses. However, professors from other faculties are also possible, given that the topic falls in the scope of the MMDS.

Do I need to finish all of my exams before starting my Master's thesis?

You have to finish at least 60 ECTS before starting your thesis, although some chairs might check whether you completed all your exams. Nevertheless, we clearly advise you to finish all exams first. Writing a master's thesis is a full time job, and it takes a lot of coordination and organization to take exams and write a thesis in parallel.