High Number of Applications for the Mannheim Master in Data Science

Altogether 437 prospective students have applied to be admitted to the Mannheim Master in Data Science for the autumn semester 2017. This represents an increase of more than 100% compared to the spring semester with about 200 applicants.

Given the limited number of places in the Mannheim Master in Data Science and taking into account the admission rules of the program, we were able to admit 44 students for the fall semester. This corresponds to an acceptance rate of 10.07%.

On average, the admitted applicants had at least the final grade of 1.6 in their bachelor's degree and already had some professional or research experience with regard to data science and initial experience abroad. Applicants with less experience require correspondingly higher grades to be admitted.

We are very pleased that there is so much interest in the Mannheim Master in Data Science and that we could choose such highly qualified students for the program.