Research Seminar: Applied Analysis

General information

Time: Mon 12:00–13:30

Venue: B6, 28 – C401

Prerequisites:  Analysis I,II, Linear Algebra I, Functional Analysis, ODE, PDE, Stochastic Analysis.


This research seminar on applied analysis intends for the applied analysis group to read together the recent scientific works and report our ongoing new works. Please check details on our webpage to get updated schedule. Everyone who is interested in this topic is welcome to join us.


04.10.2021Yue LiGlobal weak solutions to kinetic fluid model
11.10.2021Jinyeop LeeRate of convergence towards mean-field evolution for weakly interacting bosons with singular three-body interactions
27.10.2021Matthew LiewTime-dependent effective one-particle equations for large interacting fermionic system
08.11.2021Yucheng WangGlobal existence of chemotaxis shallow water system
22.11.2021Matthew LiewCombined mean-field and semiclassical limit from N-fermionic Schrödinger equation to Vlassov-Poisson equation (ZOOM)
28.01.2022Hongshuo Chen

The excess charge problem of the Engel-Dreizler functional