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  • Business Informatics

Institute of Computer Science and Business Informatics

The Institute of Computer Science and Business Informatics consists of Chairs and Professorships dedicated to:

  • Information Systems
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Management
  • Software Development
  • Security
  • Web Technologies
  • Process Modelling
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Networks and Multimedia
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Theoretical Computer Science

The common research interest of all institute members is the processing of large and complex data for the benefit of society and economy. The developed methods are employed by information systems within the following application areas:

  • Business Process Management
  • Decision Support
  • Financial Information Management
  • Health Care
  • Knowledge Management
  • Logistics
  • Marketing / E-Commerce

For information about the research and industry cooperations of the institute members, please refer to the websites of the Chairs and Professorships listed below.

The institute offers the following degree programs:

 Executive Director

Prof. Dr. Christian Bizer
Universität Mannheim
Fakultät für Wirtschaftsinformatik und Wirtschaftsmathematik
Institut für Informatik und Wirtschaftsinformatik
68131 Mannheim

Members of the Institute

Former members

The institute is located in the building A 5,6  (Part C).

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